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Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018

Provillian Services Heating and Air


Just a note to thank you for the wonderful job you did in installing a new heat pump unit at our home.  This is the first heat pump unit we have ever had in our entire life and it has been a long life,75 years.  My wife and I have noticed that both heating and air conditioning is far more efficient than any gas unit we had in the past.  I wanted to thank you for suggesting this Rudd unit and also for the professionalism, both you and your employees exhibited during the installation.  We would certainly recommend your company to anyone looking for heating and air conditioning work.  Thank you, Max.

My home was enlarged and a new zoned AC system was installed. From day one I had a complaint regarding the air noise when only one zone was in operation and the system not keeping up on those hot days. After 3 Heating and Air companies trying to fix the problem, I was lucky in the sense my coil developed a refrigerant leak. A mutual friend told me to contact Alex at Provillian Sevices. Alex promptly showed up and I gave him the original problem of the noise and suspecting the coil leaking refrigerant. Alex was the only person that went up to inspect my ducting and found the problem of the air noise and the system not keeping up in cooling the house, which was an installation problem. The installer mad a gross error during the installation. Alex went ahead and told me what needed to be done to correct both problems. Alex gave me two options on correcting the problems. His estimate was right on target and the work done in a timely, clean, and efficient manner. The system is working perfectly and I could not be any happier, not with only the system working, more importantly, having someone with knowledge and the integrity with his explanation and cost. It took me quite a few years to find someone I trust and would recommend him instantly for air conditioning and heating services. Again with Alex’s recommendation I had my attic re-insulated and again the service was superior. - Donald De Mello Peachtree City, GA

Let me start by saying EXCELLENT Customer Service, EXCELLENT Professionalism, and EXCELLENT work! I was introduced to Provillian Services Heating & Air a year ago through Groupon for an Air Conditioner Tune-Up and since then I have personally used them for other services as well as referred them to others that were satisfied with their work as well. I knew initially I was having some air conditioning problems because my unit kept freezing up but was unsure to why. Alex with Provillian was determined to resolve my issue; he spent much needed time trying to find the leak within my system even when the hours turned late and he was already tired from previous jobs during the day. What makes this company truly great and ones that stand on great customer service; recently, when the air unit started to mess up again they came out at their earliest available appointment to research the issue. Once they noticed it was an additional leak that had been missed during the prior service visit they repaired the issue at no additional charge to me. You honestly can’t beat service like that! A lot of other companies would try to make as much money off you as possible but I’ve NEVER felt this way with Provillian. I would definitely highly recommend this company to all others within their service area. From the point of making the appointment, to the service reps coming to resolve the issue and/or tune-up the unit, to the final time to pay the invoice the service is outstanding. – Ms. Saussy

A little testimonial from the heart:   Hugh Rowe and his crew were outstanding not only in their work, but their professionalism, conscientiousness, and speed in getting the job done in a timely fashion. If Hugh says he will be there at  8:00 am, expect him at 7:15 – 7:30 am…..That is the kind of guy and “outfit “  that he runs….”Early bird gets the worm as mother used to say”, And he stays until the job is done, and done right!  I saw it first hand back in January when Provillian put in (2) R-410 units during those “Ice” days in my basement and first floor… Talking with Hugh on one of his Bi-Annual Service calls a couple of weeks ago  ( to tune me up for the long  hot, and humid summer ) , it looks like a third unit for second floor Is in the works, as I was so impressed with the workmanship on the other two (and the price wasn’t bad either!!!  )  Thanks Hugh and Company for a job well done, and many more years of great friendship and service. - Kent Barksdale

Excellent service for the price and the tech Alex was knowledgeable, patient and very thorough.  I have found my new HVAC service provider.  I highly recommend their company! Thank you again. - Khary Fowler

I wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know how pleased I am with the service we receive from Provillian Services.  I am not one to change service providers easily.  However I switched from our long term heating and air conditioning provider and could not be happier with level of service we receive from Provillian Services.  In fact it is the talent, honesty and integrity of Hugh Rowe that has made all the difference. My wife rarely gets involved in these types of things but she has told me how much she trust Hugh and that he is only one she wants taking care of our heating and air conditioning needs.  It is comforting to know we don’t have to worry and can always be confident that we will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Thank you Hugh.  We really value you as a service provider and friend.  - Steve and Debbie Cole

“We have known Hugh Rowe, the founder of Provillian Services, for a number of years.  We first met Hugh when he was a Field Supervisor for another company and consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the benefit of his expertise and courteous professionalism as the Technician on our home HVAC account.  Hugh worked with us for over 13 years when we lived in the Atlanta suburbs and we were always impressed with his professional skill and personal service.  On one occasion we had a perplexing problem with our heating and cooling system which temporarily defied several attempts at repair and Hugh gave us his cell phone number so that we could call him if we continued to have problems.  He also has suggested several improvements at our current home nearer downtown Atlanta including the installation of an excellent exhaust fan which solved my wife’s problem with serious humidity buildup in the Master Bathroom.  We are delighted that Hugh has founded his own company and look forward to many more years of excellent service from Provillian Services”. - Dave and Judy Gibson, Decatur, Georgia

“As a Provillian HVAC customer for the last five years, I can’t recommend them high enough.Their work is always of the highest quality, pricing is incredibly competitive, and all jobs contracted for me were completed on time.  I recommend these folks to everyone I know." - B. Rosser

"Provillian Services has serviced multiple air conditioning and heating units for my company since 2004. They have delivered exceptional quality service and have been extremely reliable and efficient for every service call. Their yearly maintenance program gives me confidence that the units will be properly maintained and running in excellent condition." - V. Rainey, Diamond Investment Group

"Provillian Services is a life saver!!! I had a HVAC and zoning system installed by another company during the summer of 2011. The system never ran correctly from day one. The unit did not cool the house and constantly overflowed from the attic into my bedroom. After having that company come out 6 times with no resolution and calling another well known company, paying them $89 just to come out and $150 to fix the problem the unit still was not working properly and still overflowing. After contacting Provillian Services Alex came out and after looking at the unit not only knew right away what was causing the overflow issues he did a full assessment of the entire HVAC system and informed me why the unit was not cooling the home properly. I was quoted a very reasonable price to fix the problem; Alex returned completed the work and cleaned up the area when finished. Needless to say when winter came in the heating unit did not work properly. After calling Provillian Services to come check the heating system they were able to program the system board to heat properly. I'm happy to say I have not had any problems with the unit since, I highly recommend this company, Thanks Provillian Services!!!" - A. Diakite

"Provillian HVAC a well kept secret that is now out! We have been customers for the better part of seven years; great educator and service provider on the maintenance of our system. Always willing to share and keep us up to date on what we could and should be doing to help preserve the life of our system. Responsive to calls for service which are few, because they do such a spectacular maintenance program-Timely service calls are scheduled and executed. I continuously recommend them to my friends and neighbors. They do not leave a mess, clean-up is as important as maintenance!" - R. Thorne

"I bought my loft in 2007 and I had limped along on the undersized unit that the builder had originally installed. My floor plan is wide open and thus a bit harder to keep air circulating and keep things cool in the summer, warm in the winter. Every summer it was a fight to keep it a decent temperature...plunging the thermostat into the 60s to compensate sometimes. Every winter I froze despite setting the thermostat to 71. The ceiling fans I'd installed didn't do anything to help in either season. So last winter when I was told the refrigerant had completely leaked out of the unit, Alex and Provillian Services was highly recommended to me. Alex gave me the option to fix the unit and squeak it in under warranty...but I thought, considering I'd had the unit repaired multiple times already, that it was time to give up the fight and upgrade. Alex recommended some really good units (I have a friend that works in HVAC who gave me some advice) so I decided to swallow the expense.

I couldn't be happier. Not only did they upgrade my unit to the proper size, they replaced the vent faces to blow farther into the open area, and moved the thermostat upstairs for better consistency. They also installed a model with a dehumidifier which has made a huge difference on hot, humid days. My loft is a lot more comfortable now, I can actually feel the air blow out, and my ceiling fans are now also helpful as the air circulation is better now. And my energy cost went down 30% per month! Not to mention, this unit is much more quiet than the old one so I don't even realize it’s on sometimes. 2 years of preventative maintenance came with this as well, and they have already proactively contacted me and done the spring maintenance!

On top of quality recommendations and excellent work, we had tried to submit the paperwork to Georgia Power to take advantage of some rebates. Unfortunately we missed one deadline and Georgia Power wouldn't budge. Instead of letting that add to my cost, Alex added on another year of maintenance at no cost to me, so I will get 3 years free.

I've been recommending them to anyone asking for HVAC help, their work is superior, they are always on time and they deliver on their promises. I didn't think I could save money on my power bill and have a more comfortable living space, but I do. I highly recommend Alex and Provillian! The initial "expense" has really been an "investment" in my house." - K. Wrigley