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Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018

Provillian Services Heating and Air


We’re heating system specialists:

  • High efficiency, Energy Star heating systems
  • Expert repairs on all heater makes & models
  • Expert repairs on all heat pumps and gas furnace makes and models
  • Emergency heating repair

Gas Furnaces vary in efficiency; however, most modern heating systems are very efficient and will save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of the system.  We also offer a standard warranty of twenty years on the heat exchanger, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty of 10 years on all functional parts.

Matching a Furnace to Your Heating Needs

As you set out to evaluate your furnace options, one thing you should take into consideration is how much space you need the furnace to heat. Matching your furnace to the size of your home is extremely important. If you choose a furnace that is too powerful for the size of your home, you will pay too much for no reason. A furnace like this will likely provide an uneven heating experience, and it will cycle on and off frequently.

A furnace that’s too small, on the other hand, is also a wasted investment. It will run excessively in order to maintain the desired temperature in your home.  In some cases it still may not be able to do so. However, you will pay to keep that furnace running all of the time whether or not it is actually keeping you warm.

Selecting a New Furnace

The furnaces that we carry are top of the line in every way. They are compatible with multiple types of air conditioning systems and heat pumps, so you should have no trouble finding a furnace that works with the system you currently have in place. We only carry furnaces that are among the best performing and most fuel efficient available, and we know they will provide an excellent overall heating experience that will   keep your family comfortable all year long.